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Mystic Intuitive, 

Wise woman of a wise craft. 

Artist, Inventor, Designer, Producer, Paranormal is my normal, whatever shoes need filling.

What will you find on GLoLady?
Constant change for one thing...

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"Indefinite Chaos"

 Learn Astrology Basic Science

Life is Indefinite Chaos until Divine order is found. Learning Astrology is challenging and life long in understanding. It is rewarding with the knowledge of possible negative or positive events in our live and others.
These cards have been created to help learn astrology quickly.  

GLo'In Good¬© 

Glow in the dark functional art.

Depending on the light source, each design has three looks in one.

Regular Light

Artwork looks like a regular painting with no identifiable features, until the lights go out. Use in rooms where a nightlight is needed. Great for anyone afraid of the dark. Depending on the need it is possible to light up the whole room. When lights in the room are on, the painting is recharging.

Black Light

Under a blacklight the colors come into their brilliance. Bright excitable and festive to light up  your walls for your next party. 

Glow in the dark

Why worry about evacuation routes in the middle of an emergency when you can prepare before. GLo'In Good functional art can help light up areas to safety. They can be taken outside to recharge during the day when the power goes out.