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Inventor of glow in the dark clothing and other GLo'In Safety products.

Nuked at the Three Mile Island Nuclear accident in March 1979, nine months later the idea for glow in the dark clothing was born. After 40 years, shes still GLo'In Good.

Midnight on May 20, 1994 the bells started chiming the beginning of a glow in the dark fashion show at the Limelight in New York, NY.

GLo'In Good© functional art

Comes in many forms, each with safety in mind.

Functional Art

GLo'In Good©


Mystickal Journey

Take a peaceful nights journey watching the bench transform along the way

Mystickal Journey at night

Lights off and the magickal journey begins

Blue Moon vase holder

Good for an extra light in a corner or in front of a window to charge all day

Blue Moon at night

Perfect nightlight to guide you through a room.

There is always a light in the dark,

GLo For It©