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These readings are done using Indefinite Chaos, Learn Astrology Basic Science, as read from my July 2018 monthly horoscopes provided to I am offering a limited 1st edition download of 800, to raise funds to get this flash card system professionally produced. Used in addition to astrology books, you will understand this ancient science, easier and faster. Information for the limited number download. provided at the end of the reading.

 This is how GLoLady enlightened the masses in 2007-2011
GLoLady TV started at URTV Western North Carolina Community Media Center in Asheville, NC, with the first TV show airing in October 2007.

The Latest Episode of my Personal Soap. 

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GLoLady Enlightening the Masses to the Corruption that Destroys! 
Various videos taken when speaking to the Buncombe County Commissioners. Holding them accountable for the withholding of funds 
for public access in an effort to continue covering up the corruption in Asheville, Western North Carolina. 

 GLo' Karmic is a spin off from GLoLady TV and Karmic Tools. 

This episode was published on April 2, 2011 at WNC Media Center. The guest is Kelly M. Beard, an intuitive astrologer who called in every Friday night with the  week's planetary aspects that affect us all.
 We are still a part of her Power Circle and we invite you too!

The I Ching Show was a spin off from GLoLady TV   M. Nelson Staley 
( I Ching Guy) was the Producer and host. Connie "Shannon" Knapik (I Ching Lady) was the Co-Host. GLoLady is the Co-Producer and Control room tech 
with Brother Christopher, a colorful Ashevile Reverend.

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