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  This is but a drop in the bucket that has spilled many times, for many reasons. More will be added as files catch up.

 These are my photos with my sayings, that I have incorporated into magnets.

What started it all... Nuked at TMI Three Mile Island, I sent the TV show "Real People" a letter.
Can't count the number of letters and phone calls before 
the ease of the internet

It took Seven years of research and development to create 
the 1st pair of:
Glow Butts 
The Original Glow in the dark underwear!


Original Clothing Designs

This is my Mae West Costume complete
with matching hat.

Just a few with GLoLady modeling in 2000
GLo' In Good Art

This is just a sample of my Glow in the Dark designs. 
Each design has three looks depending on the lighting. Regular, 
black light, and glow in the dark.
This is a hand painted statue under black light, regular light, and glow in the dark. Can be produced with or without internal security camera.


GLo In Good Art in regular lighting.




These are hand painted shown under black light.


Same paintings glowing in the dark.




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