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 Predictions of Premonitions are dependant upon the information at the time of interpretation, this means we have a chance to change the future.
Rev Lisa G. Landis aka *GLoLady* shows her credentials as a Mystic Intuitive using her birth chart. Offering her services as a psychic medium to help you understand your birth chart, Tarot for an intuitive reading and guidance. Birth charts are the Treasure Map to the Soul.
We do not know, what we do not know, until we are taught. Sometimes it is not the truth.

Astrology, Numerology, & Tarot, when used properly can make living as a human being much easier to deal, understanding the Universal cause & effect.

Services Offered

$55. per 1/2 hour Intuitive consultation

$150. per hour Astrology / Tarot personalized Intuitive reading that is 
recorded live on google hangouts or Skype. With a link
 emailed to the video for future viewings. You will learn your basic birth chart (what makes you tick) and what Planets are transiting at this time and how they affect you. 
(Health, Wealth, & Happiness)

$200. personalized video of your Astrology chart with transits and 6 months forward.

P.O. Box 1333
Brevard, NC 28712 
My readings are not a 
"fortune telling" gimmick.
Read the sayings on my Portfolio for some free advice now
Working with Divine, Angels, Holy Spirit, Signs, Symbols, Numbers, Planets, & Stars for guidance as a Mystic Intuitive, Starseed and Lightworker on planet Earth. 
My Birth chart, Numerology, & my Palm will confirm my credentials, for those who are curious.

Glow in the Dark Safety always a Speciality.
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