Enlightening the masses

When you give your information away it has no value. Readings are priced accordingly.

Are you ready to learn about you?

It is double the time charged that is needed to prepare for your reading. Information is gathered together to give you insight into your life. 

It is then available on a audio or video download for your listening enjoyment whenever you would like. 

Soul Chart Reading #1

What it tells about you for your birth date.

$55. per 1/2 hour

Soul Chart Reading #2

How will the Planets affect you in times to come.

$100. per hour

Soul Chart Reading #3

Is your partner a lesson or a blessing?

$150. per hour

Mystic Intuitive

Cassadaga Qualified

Using the ancient tools for divination forecasts.

Pick a date
Pick a date

Would you like to learn Astrology in an easy way?

Indefinite Chaos 

 Learn Astrology Basic Science


 This Flash Card set was made so you too can learn the basics of Astrology and how the Planets affect you and everyone around you.