Rev. Lisa G. Landis
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Rev Lisa G. Landis aka *GLoLady* shows her credentials as a Mystic Intuitive using her birth chart. Offering her services as a psychic medium to help you understand your birth chart, Tarot for an intuitive reading and guidance. ©

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This is a quick run through of my Portfolio from 1980-2002. How I got the idea for glow in the dark clothing, Fashion shows, what happened. This is part one.

GLoLady's Portfolio part two Features the music of James Crouch. James provided the theme music for GLoLady TV. You will see The Last Patrol Veterans 900 Mile March, Glo' In Safety in the Corporate World, Psychic Medium in Cassadaga, FL, Produce stand in Brevard, NC, and the start of GLoLady TV.

What happened and what they all had in common. Who will I be next? See it in Part Three...
Now enjoy my favorite and the best blues guitarist you will hear play...